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Json Prettify

JSON Prettify is used to Prettify your JSON data into a properly human readable JSON Format. So, Any one can view it, change it and use it.

How to Use JSON Prettify Tools?

Tools have a Load URL, Upload File and Directly Copy Pass Method to add your data and after press JSON Prettify button then you got your Prettify JSON Data.

You can do JSON Editor, JSON Beautify, JSON Viewer, JSON Format, JSON Validator, and other tasks with the help of JSON Prettify Online Tool.

The JSON Prettify Tools have Below the main functionality:

  • Instant New your Record.
  • Temporary JSON Data Store.
  • Easy Copy and Paste JSON Prettify Data.
  • One Click Download JSON Data.
  • Share Temporary Stored Data anywhere.
  • Load JSON URL directly into Editor.
  • Editing time Redo and Undo facility.
  • Validator for Online Changes of JSON Data.
  • Minify or Compact JSON Data to reduct its Size.
  • In Treeview, You can Search and highlight, and Sorting Data.

Sample JSON Example Data :

     “Name”: “Petter”,
     “Country”: “United States”,
    “Age”: 39
  • Here, In the above sample JSON data Name, Country, and Age are known as key and Petter, United States, and 39 known as a Value. All Data are available in Key and value pair.
  • JSON Data mainly used when we need to transfer data with different platforms and it’s easy to synchronize and used in any system.

Why JSON Parser Online Tools we need?

  • With the help of the Online JSON Parser Tool, we can easily format our minify JSON Data and easily find key and value pairs and identify changes quickly.